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United Kingdom - AYR Ayrshire - Dallzowlie Parish, Kirkoswald, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Birth17 December 1856Davidson Agnes



United Kingdom - AYR Ayrshire - Dalmellington, Scotland

Event TypeDateIndividualDocuments
Marriage5 April 1735Davidson Andrew with McMillan Grissell
Birth25 October 1735McMurtrie Jannet
Birthabout 1742McMurtrie Agnes
Birthabout July 1744McMurtrie Elizabeth
Marriageabout 1745McKie Male with Unamed Female
Birthabout May 1746McMurtrie Agnes
Deathbefore May 1746McMurtrie Agnes
Birthabout 1748McMurtrie Duncan
Birthabout May 1751McMurtrie Jannett
Birthabout 1752Paterson James
Birthabout 1756McKie Margaret
Marriage16 November 1765Drennan James with McKie Marion
Marriage28 November 1766Wallace Thomas with McKie Janet
Marriage27 November 1770McMurtrie Duncan with McKie Jean
Birth23 August 1772McMurtrie Margaret
Birth9 March 1774McMurtrie James
Marriage22 April 1775Smith John with McKie Isabella
Birth5 February 1776McMurtrie Daniel
Birth5 February 1776McMurtrie David
Birth25 January 1777McMurtrie Jean
Marriage1 February 1777Paterson James with McKie Margaret
Birth8 March 1780McMurtrie Elizabeth
Birth2 May 1782McMurtrie William
Birthabout 1782Smith William
Birth3 April 1783McMurtrie Agnes
Marriage14 February 1784Scott David with McKie Agnes Nancy
Birth12 July 1786McMurtrie Duncan
Birthabout 1786Hamilton Barnabas
Birth3 August 1788McMurtrie Marion
Death1 January 1790McMurtrie Marion
Birthabout 1792McGill Thomas
Birthabout 1794Colvillele Janet
Birthabout 1794Guthrie William
Marriage19 November 1796McMurtrie James with Helrick Margaret
Birth5 October 1797McMurtrie Jean
Birthabout 1797McGachan Jane McGaan
Birth24 January 1799McMurtrie William
Marriage22 December 1799McMurtrie David with Richison Helen
Birthabout 1799McClymont Jean
Birthabout 1802Greig James
Birthabout 1802Unamed Female
Birth17 April 1803McMurtrie James
Event for25 January 1804McMurtrie Helen
Birth25 January 1804McMurtrie Helen
Event for25 January 1804McMurtrie Wright
Birth25 January 1804McMurtrie Wright
Birth5 September 1805McMurtrie Robert
Birthabout 1806Kay Caroline
Birthabout 1806Stevenson Thomas
Marriageabout 1808Hamilton Barnabas with Craig Janet
Birthabout 1809Hamilton Mary
Birth17 October 1812McMurtrie Robert
Birth18 April 1813McMurtrie James
Birthabout 1813Hamilton Susan
Birth27 September 1814McMurtrie John
Marriage28 January 1816Smith William with Hunter Jane
Marriage15 April 1816Bone John with Baird Mary
Birth23 June 1816McMurtrie Marion
Birthabout 1817Hamilton Agnes
Birth1 September 1818McMurtrie William
Birth25 November 1818McMurtrie Thomas
Birth23 March 1819McCutcheon Agnes
Birth9 July 1819Smith Hugh
Birth30 July 1820McGill Catherine
Birth8 November 1820McMurtrie Margaret
Birthabout 1820Hamilton Adam
Marriage10 February 1822Guthrie James with McMurtrie Jean
Birth12 November 1822McGill Janet Colville
Marriageabout 1822Greig James with Unamed Female
Birthabout 1822Greig Margaret
Birth13 June 1824Smith Elizabeth
Birth3 December 1824McGill Martin
Birthabout 1825Guthrie Stewart
Marriage24 November 1826McMurtrie Duncan with McGachan Jane McGaan
Marriage22 December 1826Stevenson Thomas with Kay Caroline
Birth1 March 1827Smith James
Birth6 August 1827Davidson John
Birth17 September 1827McGill George
Birthabout 1827McCallum Ann
Birth4 September 1829McMurtrie Martha
Birth12 December 1829McGill John
Birth26 November 1831Stevenson Thomas
Birth25 December 1832McGill Thomas
Birth28 March 1834McMurtrie Margaret
Birth2 May 1834McGill William
Birth1 October 1834Smith Robert Hunter
Marriage29 September 1835Guthrie William with McClymont Jean
Birthabout March 1836Guthrie Lilias
Birth28 August 1836McGill Jane Jeanie Colville
Birthabout February 1840Boyd Sarah
Birthabout February 1841McMurtrie David
Birth4 September 1842Bone John
Birthabout 1842Boyd Kennedy
Birthabout February 1843McMurtrie Alexander
Birth3 April 1843McBurnie Thomas
Marriage23 December 1843Hamilton Adam with Davidson Agnes
Birth2 September 1844McBurnie Thomas
Birth8 September 1844Hamilton Janet Craig
Birth3 February 1845McMurtrie Duncan
Birth28 May 1845Bone William
Marriage20 October 1845Guthrie Stewart with Greig Margaret
Deathbefore 1845Boyd Sarah
Birth11 January 1846Hamilton Andrew
Birth16 September 1846Guthrie James
Birthabout November 1846McMurtrie Jean
Marriage19 November 1847Drynan William with Davidson Margaret
Birthabout September 1848McMurtrie John
Birth28 December 1848Bone William
Birth20 April 1849Guthrie Isabella Jane
Birth14 July 1849Livingstone Alexander
Birth1 August 1850Bryden Samuel
Birth9 January 1851Bryden Thomas Willison
Birth29 April 1851Bone Hugh
Birth11 September 1851Guthrie Robert
Birthabout 1851Hill John
Birth11 May 1852McMurtrie Robert Hetrick
Birth2 June 1852Livingstone James
Birth22 May 1853McCutcheon Margaret Bone
Marriage19 June 1853McGill Martin with Colvillele Elizabeth
Marriage10 July 1853McGill George with Smith Mary
Birth7 November 1853Davidson Helen
Birth13 November 1853McGill Elizabeth Bessie
Birth16 April 1854Guthrie Stewart
Birth18 January 1855Bone Martha
Marriage25 April 1855McGill William with Guthrie Lilias
Birth30 May 1855McCutcheon Ann
Birth10 June 1855Bryden James
Birth26 June 1855Hill Mary
Death4 February 1856McMurtrie Agnes
Death18 October 1856Bryden James
Birth28 October 1856Guthrie Thomas
Birth31 December 1856Cochrane John
Birthabout 1856Boyd Martha
Birthabout 1856Keirs John
Birthabout 1856McGill Jessie Colville
Birth25 May 1857Bone Jean
Birth28 August 1857Bryden Jane Anderson
Marriage2 October 1857Whitefield John with McMurtrie Martha
Birthabout 1857McGill Jean
Birthabout 1857Smith Robert
Birth11 January 1859Wallace George
Death5 May 1859Bryden Robert
Birth18 May 1859Guthrie William
Birth10 September 1859Hill Robert
Marriage16 September 1859Smith Robert Hunter with Davidson Margaret
Birth30 September 1859Bone Mary
Birthabout 1859McGill John
Birth17 January 1860Bryden James
Death27 March 1860McMurtrie Jean
Birth8 April 1860Smith William
Death20 June 1860McMurtrie Elizabeth
Birth27 September 1860Frew Christina
Marriageabout 1860Jamieson William with Bryden Helen
Birthabout 1860Smith Margaret
Birthabout 1860McGill Catherine
Birth21 August 1861Hill Robert
Birth8 November 1861McClung Janet
Birth14 February 1862Bryden Marion
Birth11 April 1862Bone Margaret Maggie Smith
Birth2 May 1862Guthrie Margaret
Birth8 May 1862Smith James Connway
Birth6 November 1862Smith William Andrew
Birthabout 1862McGill William
Birth23 November 1863Hill Mary
Marriage31 December 1863Bryden William with Stevenson Caroline
Deathabout 1863McCririck Catherine Boswell
Birth18 April 1864Shields Agnes Blair
Event for5 June 1864Smith James Hunter
Event for5 June 1864Smith Jane Hunter
Birth5 June 1864Smith James Hunter
Birth5 June 1864Smith Jane Hunter
Birth30 August 1864Bryden Robert
Birth7 December 1864Bryden Sarah
Birthabout 1864McGill Catherine
Marriage30 January 1865Scott John with McGill Janet Colville
Birth20 May 1865Hill Agnes Connway
Birth10 June 1865Bone Edward
Birth23 July 1865Guthrie John Hugh
Birth25 November 1865Bryden Mary
Birthabout 1865McEwan Sophia Fowler
Birth27 May 1866Shields David
Death18 June 1866Bryden Catherine
Marriage3 August 1866Bone John with Wallace Margaret Sawyers
Birth14 September 1866Scott Jessie
Birth1 November 1866McGill Margaret Smith
Birth5 December 1866Smith Robert
Marriage7 December 1866McBurnie Robert with McMurtrie Margaret
Birthabout 1866McCutcheon James
Birthabout 1866McGill Jeanie
Birth17 March 1867McBurnie Thomas
Birth30 May 1867Bryden Sarah
Death28 July 1867Thomson Mary
Birth7 March 1868McLarty Alexander Orr
Death10 August 1868McMurtrie Duncan
Birth28 August 1868Couper Andrew
Death14 November 1868Hunter Jane
Birth6 December 1868McClung Elizabeth
Birthabout 1868McCutcheon Margaret Roy
Birth5 March 1869McGill Catherine
Birth2 April 1869Boyd Jeannie
Birth18 April 1869Bryden Carolina
Birth11 June 1869Smith Agnes
Birth23 June 1869Smith James
Birth5 August 1869McBurnie Duncan McMurtrie
Birth6 October 1869McDougall Lydia
Birth12 December 1869Davidson Thomas
Event for12 December 1869Davidson Thomas
Deathabout 1869Bone Edward
Birth1 February 1870Guthrie Stewart
Marriage25 February 1870Guthrie James with Bryden Mary
Birth18 September 1870Bryden Robert
Birth15 November 1870Strachan Jane McPhie
Birthabout 1870McCutcheon David
Birth16 February 1871Bryden Thomas Stevenson
Birth13 June 1871Boyd William Hamilton
Birth13 June 1871Smith Elizabeth
Marriage22 July 1871Bryden Robert Noble with McChesney Mary
Birth10 November 1871Bryden Sarah McMurdo
Marriage28 November 1871Davidson Robert with Drynan Jane Wilson
Birth2 December 1871Couper Margaret Woodburn
Marriage15 December 1871Davidson David with Carlisle Annie
Birth23 December 1871McBurnie Mary Davidson
Birthabout 1871Taylor Alexander
Birth5 February 1872Bone Elizabeth Smith
Birth9 May 1872Scanlin Elizabeth Kerr
Birth18 June 1872Guthrie Robert
Birth11 July 1872Strachan David
Birth7 November 1872Bryden Jessie Stevenson
Birthabout 1872Shearer Mary
Deathabout 1872McMurtrie Martha
Birthabout 1872McGill George
Birthabout 1872McCutcheon Hugh
Birthabout 1872Shearer Mary
Birth2 February 1873Robertson Mary
Birth5 September 1873Geddes James
Birth27 September 1873Boyd Margaret Hamilton
Birth8 October 1873Bryden Isabella Boyd
Birth30 October 1873Couper John
Birthabout 1873Stevenson Thomas
Birthabout 1873Unamed Female
Birth11 February 1874Guthrie Thomas Alexander
Birth7 May 1874McBurnie Robert Brown
Birth22 June 1874Tait Helen
Birth11 November 1874Bryden Jane Jeanie
Birth13 December 1874Bryden James
Birthabout 1874McCutcheon John Roy
Marriage5 February 1875Clark William with Bryden Jane Anderson
Marriage12 March 1875Black James with McClung Mary
Birth13 April 1875Bryden Robert
Birth17 May 1875Clark Sarah McMurdo
Birth25 May 1875Bone Margaret Maggie
Death4 November 1875Bryden Robert
Birthabout 1875Black James
Birthabout 1875Stewart John
Death11 March 1876Davidson Robert
Birth28 August 1876Bryden William
Death7 December 1876Bryden William
Birthabout 1876Bryden Margaret
Birthabout 1876McCutcheon Malcolm
Marriageabout 1876Keirs John with Boyd Martha
Birthabout 1876Tait Margaret Maggie
Marriage12 June 1877Geddes William with Bone Martha
Birth4 July 1877Clark Janet McAlmont
Birth12 October 1877Bryden Jane
Birthabout 1877Black Allan
Birthabout 1877Unamed Male
Birthabout 1877Guthrie James
Birthabout 1877McBurnie James
Birth11 April 1878Davidson William
Birth13 May 1878Geddes Elizabeth Smith
Birthabout 1878McCutcheon Helen Ellen
Birth6 September 1879Bryden Robert Noble
Birth15 December 1879Clark John Bryden
Birthabout 1879Black Jessie
Birthabout 1879Guthrie William
Birth12 September 1880Davidson John
Birthabout 1880Black Mary
Birthabout 1880Guthrie Sarah
Birthabout 1880McCutcheon Alexander
Birth16 September 1881Bryden George
Deathbefore 1881McBurnie Robert Brown
Marriage20 October 1882Bryden William with Sinclair Margaret
Birth19 November 1882Davidson Robert
Death6 December 1882Davidson Robert
Birthabout 1882Black William
Birthabout 1882Guthrie John Hugh
Birth23 February 1883Clark Mary Bryden
Birth13 September 1883Bryden John
Birthabout 1883Bryden David McCutcheon
Birth19 November 1885Bryden Helen Nellie Ellen
Birthabout 1885Black Thomas W
Birth13 December 1886Bryden Peter Sinclair
Marriageabout 1886Bryden Robert with McEwan Sophia Fowler
Deathabout 1886McGachan Jane McGaan
Birth4 May 1887Black Jane McKnight
Marriage20 September 1888Bryden John with Boyd Jeannie
Death14 December 1888Davidson Mary
Birth18 July 1889Black David McCutcheon
Birthabout 1889Bryden Ellen
Death7 February 1890McMurdo Sarah
Birth27 July 1890Bryden William Jamieson
Birthabout 1890Bryden Mary
Death8 March 1891Bone Edward
Marriageabout 1891Lorimer Findlay with Bone Margaret Maggie
Birthabout 1891Lorimer Margaret Bone
Marriageabout 1892Jones Robert with Shearer Mary
Birthabout 1892Lorimer William
Marriage1 December 1893Taylor Alexander with Bryden Sarah McMurdo
Birthabout 1893Bryden Male
Birthabout 1893Murdoch Female
Birthabout 1893Unamed Female
Marriageabout 1893Couper John with Unamed Female
Birthabout 1893Couper David
Birthabout 1894Bryden Annie
Birthabout 1894Lorimer John Bone
Marriage21 June 1895Stevenson Thomas with Bryden Isabella Boyd
Marriage1 January 1896Smith James with Bryden Jane Jeanie
Marriage27 March 1896McIndoe David Scott with Davidson Sarah
Death19 September 1896Guthrie John Hugh
Death30 November 1896Connway Agnes
Birthabout 1896Bryden John
Birthabout 1898Campbell Harriett Gibson
Marriageabout 1898Fisher John with McCutcheon Helen Ellen
Birthabout 1898Fisher David McCutcheon
Death16 February 1899Bone John
Death24 February 1899Guthrie Stewart
Death8 April 1899Davidson Margaret
Death17 October 1899Smith James
Birthabout 1900Fisher Nellie Bryden
Birth16 February 1902Davidson John Allison
Death17 February 1902Bryden William
Death25 March 1902Torbet William
Birthabout 1902Avonelle Female
Birthabout 1902Fisher Adam Smith
Birth9 March 1903Davidson William
Death25 March 1903McCutcheon Helen Ellen
Marriage8 April 1904Smith Andrew Knox Davidson with Geddes Janet Jessie
Birth1 October 1904Davidson Jessie Clark
Death3 January 1905Bryden Mary
Marriage16 March 1905Hay James with Boyd Susan
Marriage21 September 1905Barclay James with Geddes Elizabeth Smith
Event for5 May 1906Barclay Martha Seaton
Event for5 May 1906Barclay Mary Paton
Birth5 May 1906Barclay Martha Seaton
Birth5 May 1906Barclay Mary Paton
Death8 April 1908Smith Elizabeth
Birth14 May 1908Davidson Andrew Knox Smith
Birth23 March 1909Davidson Elizabeth Curragh
Death28 December 1909Davidson Elizabeth Curragh
Death19 August 1913Smith Robert Hunter
Marriageabout 1913Couper David with Unamed Female
Birthabout 1913Couper Max
Death25 May 1914Boyd Sarah
Death29 March 1916Coulter William
Death6 December 1917Davidson Elizabeth
Birthabout 1918Unamed Female
Marriageabout 1918Fisher David McCutcheon with Campbell Harriett Gibson
Birthabout 1918Fisher Jack Campbell
Birthabout 1920Fisher Robert Adam
Birthabout 1920Unamed Female
Marriageabout 1922Fisher Adam Smith with Avonelle Female
Death8 February 1932Bryden George
Birthabout 1938Cowden Male
Birthabout 1938Fisher Female
Marriageabout 1938Fisher Jack Campbell with Unamed Female
Marriageabout 1940Fisher Robert Adam with Unamed Female
Birthabout 1940Fisher Male
Birthabout 1940Fisher Female
Birthabout 1940Lawson Male
Death14 August 1941Keirs Martha
Birthabout 1942Fisher Female
Death10 August 1943Smith Andrew Knox Davidson
Death4 April 1955Sinclair Margaret
Marriageabout 1958Cowden Male with Fisher Female
Marriageabout 1960Lawson Male with Fisher Female
Marriageabout 1960Fisher Male

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